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HDPE Nylon Net

There are two types of materials that netting is typically made of: Nylon and High Density Polyethylene, or more commonly referred to as HDPE.

Nylon netting is ideal for heavy use, indoor cages as it has the strongest breaking strength and is by far the most durable type of netting. Used in most MLB and NCAA indoor facilities, Nylon nets provide excellent abrasion resistance and the best overall durability. Consequently, Nylon netting is typically very expensive.

Nylon is typically not good for outdoor use because it soaks up water, which brings the potential for the netting to rapidly rot, shrink and discolor. As a result, the nylon netting can lose its breaking strength at a rate of up to 20% per year.

High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE netting can be used in both indoor and outdoor batting cages. Because it does not soak up moisture, HDPE netting will not shrink or rot, and typically retains its breaking strength for a longer duration of time. For added outdoor protection, our HDPE nets incorporate a UV Inhibitor directly into the individual twine-fibers. These UV Inhibitors help the netting resist break down due to exposure to direct sunlight.

As HDPE Nylon is More cheaper and can be used both Indoor and Outdoor facilities it is advisable to always go for HDPE Nylon nets.

HDPE Nylon Nets comes in Two types.
1. Braided HDPE Nylon Net 
2. Unbraided HDPE Nylon Net (Twisted Rope)

What is Twisted Rope?
As the name suggests, a twisted rope is one that features a collection of twisted fibers that have been tightly wound into a rope structure. There are actually a couple of levels of twisting that have to be performed before the rope is ready to go. First, fibers of whatever material is being used for the rope – nylon, for instance – will be twisted together to develop strands. These strands are much stronger than the individual fibers, but they are not yet a rope. For that, there will typically be three strands twisted together, and the end result of that twisting creates a rope that is ready for many applications.

One of the big selling points associated with twisted rope is the lower cost of the product. Since the production process is simpler, you’ll find lower prices attached to most twisted products. Also, if you do a lot of rope splicing in your applications, twisted rope is the preferred option. While those benefits are appealing, it should be noted that twisted ropes don’t offer as much flexibility in most cases compared to braided, and it’s possible for the individual strands of the rope to come apart over time.

Unbraided HDPE Nylon Net (Twisted Rope)

What is Braided Rope?

You won’t be surprised to learn that a braiding motion is used to create braided rope, although the details of the braid can vary rather dramatically from one version to the next. Among the different types of braids used to make rope include double braids, solid braids, and hollow braids. A quick look at the surface of a rope should make it easy to tell whether the product is made by braiding or twisting.

In many ways, braided rope stands in opposition to twisted rope, performing well in areas where twisted ropes aren’t ideal. There is usually excellent flexibility with braided rope, while many twisted ropes feel stiff and can be hard to maneuver. Importantly, braided rope is often quite a bit stronger than its twisted counterpart. It’s also common for people to enjoy the feel of braided rope more than twisted, although that is a matter of personal preference more than anything else.

So, braided rope is an excellent pick for many situations. But it’s not without its faults. At the top of that list, is the challenge faced when splicing. It’s a tough task to splice this kind of rope, so you want to steer clear if you know that regular splicing is on the agenda. And, when some stretch is needed, you won’t get what you need out of a braided line.

Braided HDPE Nylon Net

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